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Chinese Corrective Exercise

Stretching and Joint Mobility

For thousands of years, the Chinese people have meticulously studied and tested their bodies to discover systems which support vitality and attain long lives free from pain and disease. Their stretching practices display an advanced understanding of joint health.

While modern stretching programs focus on stretching the muscles, they don’t do much to utilize the joint range of motion in relation to functional movement. Functional movement systems emphasize movements that mimic real life situations. In this context one is better able to understand how to utilize the body when needing to do everyday activities. Flexibility, stability and joint range of motion is essential for optimal movement which keep us out of pain. Stability is an essential component of stretching correctly because aligned stability supports us to turn on muscles that might not usually be working in our bodies.

I will assess your movement mechanics and help you to realign yourself as you move. With these ancient Chinese systems integrated into your favorite exercises and everyday life’s activities, your motion will become effortless and Our stretching joint mobilization program targets areas that are the most common areas of tension and pain from working in the office, physical labor or sports related. pain-free. You are then able to enjoy your exercise, your daily activities, and your overall movement through life.

Qi Gong (Chinese Exercise)

Qi gong is one of China’s essential healing modalities for physical and emotional fitness. It utilizes breathing techniques and slow intentional movement to promote health and vitality. Qi Gong circulates Qi through the body’s meridians to obtain harmony of the internal structure, organs, and glands.

Qi is vital energy that maintains all physiological processes, and the meridians are the pathways that allow for Qi to be able to be transported from one part of the the body to another.

By aligning the structure of the body with organized movement patterns and proper breathing, the Chinese people were able heal from illness and pain and prevent disease before it could manifest. In addition to staying strong and healthy, most people achieved long and vibrant lives.

One of the systems I will teach you is the 5 animal frolics, which embodies the movements of crane, tiger, monkey, bear, and deer to align the meridians and circulate life-giving Qi.

Functional Fitness

Corrective ExerciseFunctional training is for those who want to increase their level of health and maintain a high level of physical activity. It’s a new paradigm in physical fitness which trains the body with exercises that mimic the movements of everyday life.

Bryan’s sessions enable you to achieve your personal fitness goals while maintaining the longevity of your body. He applies biomechanical analysis to each exercise and refines its form to prevent injury and increase efficacy. Strength, speed, stability, and power are enhanced when the body is properly aligned. Working out with this system provides you with an understanding of structural integrity that you can then apply to any sport or physical activity.

Bryan’s functional training will help you to create a neuromuscular memory which empowers your body to live a healthy, active lifestyle and do what you love to do.

Asian Massage (Meridian Therapy)

For centuries, Asian people have understood massage to be a proven method for correcting acute and chronic pain conditions and maintaining strong health and longevity.

Many people use massage to maintain optimal health. This system can treat pain and tension, while also acting as an insurance plan that prevents costly medical bills in the future. Massage is essential for helping you maintain the health you still have.

Bryan relies primarily on two Asian massage systems Tui Na, Anma, Meridian Therapy and Shiatsu. These are one of the oldest and most effective massage techniques to date. This approach employs the traditional Chinese meridian system to help relax the body and relieve physical pain.

Come in to experience this ancient and result-based healing system.


Bryan Rodriguez specializes in the the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Bryan employs a classical style of acupuncture that has existed for hundreds of years but is practiced by few in the United States.

Prior to each acupuncture treatment you will receive Asian bodywork, which communicates the necessary tactile information to determine structural inconsistencies and serves as a means of increasing blood circulation to tight or weak muscle areas. Massage also calms the nervous system, assisting the body in entering into a state of relaxation that enhances the healing effects of acupuncture.

For centuries, Asian people have understood acupuncture to be a proven method for correcting acute and chronic pain conditions and maintaining strong health and longevity. This system provides a sustainable insurance plan that prevents costly medical bills in the future. Come in to experience this ancient and result-based healing system.