Corporate Wellness Services

Presentation and Demonstration:

Learn how to prevent the injuries that result from poor postural patterns with simple postural stretching and postural cues.   With these tools you will be able to practice maintaining a neutral alignment of the joint structures and sustain physical functionality.

On-site Chair Massage:

This is designed to help to reduce tension and pain while helping to prevent injuries.  Employees can sign up for 10-30 minutes of chair massage. Options for payment: Company pays for all of the cost, Company pays for part of the cost and Employees pay for all of the cost.  Options for regularity: Once a week, Every other week, Monthly, Every other month, and During company events.

Stretching Program:

This program addresses the needs of relieving pain and reducing potential injury from sitting at the desk for long hours or doing repetitive motions in a warehouse setting.

Movement Program:

This simple movement routine can vary from 5, 10, to 15 minutes. It consists of stretches, joint mobilization and corrective exercise, all of which target the main areas in which accumulate tension and injury from sitting for extended periods of time.  This can also be designed for employees working in a warehouse setting.  Ergonomic postural cues and functional exercise concepts are woven into the program as teaching and memory tools. Functional fitness uses simple and realistic exercises that mimic everyday movements like leaning, sitting into a chair (squatting), pushing, pulling and lifting.

Individual sessions of Massage or Acupuncture:

These sessions can be booked for 30-60min.  They are designed to relieve all around tension and stress, headaches, carpal tunnel, neck and shoulder tension, low back pain, reduce blood pressure and prevent injury and surgery.

Receive a reduced rate when you participate in more then one of these services.