Qi Gong (Chinese Exercise)

Qi gong is one of China’s essential healing modalities for physical and emotional fitness. It utilizes breathing techniques and slow intentional movement to promote health and vitality. Qi Gong circulates Qi through the body’s meridians to obtain harmony of the internal structure, organs, and glands.

Qi is vital energy that maintains all physiological processes, and the meridians are the pathways that allow for Qi to be able to be transported from one part of the the body to another.

By aligning the structure of the body with organized movement patterns and proper breathing, the Chinese people were able heal from illness and pain and prevent disease before it could manifest. In addition to staying strong and healthy, most people achieved long and vibrant lives.

One of the systems I will teach you is the 5 animal frolics, which embodies the movements of crane, tiger, monkey, bear, and deer to align the meridians and circulate life-giving Qi.