Chinese Corrective Exercise

Stretching and Joint Mobility

For thousands of years, the Chinese people have meticulously studied and tested their bodies to discover systems which support vitality and attain long lives free from pain and disease. Their stretching practices display an advanced understanding of joint health.

While modern stretching programs focus on stretching the muscles, they don’t do much to utilize the joint range of motion in relation to functional movement. Functional movement systems emphasize movements that mimic real life situations. In this context one is better able to understand how to utilize the body when needing to do everyday activities. Flexibility, stability and joint range of motion is essential for optimal movement which keep us out of pain. Stability is an essential component of stretching correctly because aligned stability supports us to turn on muscles that might not usually be working in our bodies.

I will assess your movement mechanics and help you to realign yourself as you move. With these ancient Chinese systems integrated into your favorite exercises and everyday life’s activities, your motion will become effortless and Our stretching joint mobilization program targets areas that are the most common areas of tension and pain from working in the office, physical labor or sports related. pain-free. You are then able to enjoy your exercise, your daily activities, and your overall movement through life.